Jillian Rose

Jillian Rose

Personal: Hello from Jillian!


Hello there! I don’t think I ever formally introduced myself here so I figured now is as good a time as any.

I’m Jillian, the main photographer, owner and person in charge at Jillian Rose Photography. Even after seven years of having this business it still feels weird to say that! I still have those “pinch me” moments whenever I take a minute to recognize how far I’ve come.

Photography always came naturally to me. At least according to my aunt. “You have a great eye, Jill!”, she would say as she constantly encouraged me to pursue this hobby. The joy I found from taking photos was from being able to preserve memories during the times where I felt my happiest.

I remember it starting when I was eleven or twelve. My best friends would come over after school to play dress up. I would put them in various poses around my front yard and photograph them like they were models for Contempo Casuals or Wet Seal.  I’d make them wear hats, hold props, hang from trees and get all pouty. It was fun.

As I got older, I was super into taking photos at parties, school functions, camping trips etc. I also loved going through my parents old albums looking at faded, yellow, square pictures and asking my mom to point out who everyone was. The older the photo was the more interesting it was to me.

Still today, one of my favorite pastimes is sitting on the floor of my childhood home sorting through boxes of old photos. Some of them date back from my elementary school years and the nostalgia it brings is overwhelming at times.

Here are a few of the photos I have stuffed in those boxes…


(headshot pic by Ashley Slater Photography)