Jillian Rose

Jillian Rose

9 Destination Wedding Tips & Tricks

A wedding, whether here, there or anywhere, takes a lot of time and planning. You need to be able to remember this day for the wonderful occasion that it is, not the stress and panic you might experience due to poor planning beforehand!

These days many couples opt to have a destination wedding. This makes sense in terms of having a dual wedding and honeymoon destination, but it’s also a fantastic backdrop to remember your day by. One of the challenges is, because you’re out of your regular surroundings, everything may seem a little out of your control. Thankfully, a lot of preparation can help avoid any major disasters. Here are 11 destination wedding tips and tricks to help your special day go as smoothly as you dreamed.

1 – Make Sure You Send Any Items to Your Destination Well Ahead of Time

It’s unlikely that you can take everything with you when you fly over yourself, and if you have delicate items or any forms of decor that you want to take with you, it’s a good idea to ship these over well ahead of time. Make sure your destination wedding location knows that you are doing this, and call to confirm they have received it.

2 – Consider Hiring a Local Wedding Planner or Find One That Specializes in Destination Weddings

It’s always better to hire a wedding planner generally, because they can help you with the bulk of the work, but this becomes even more important when the location of your wedding is somewhere unfamiliar. Hiring a planner localt to your destination can be beneficial.  If that isn’t an option, consider hiring a wedding planner with experience of destination weddings specifically.

3 – Remember That Your Guests Have to Travel

Asking your guests to travel a far distance might seem like a lot.  You may want to consider treating your guests to a little welcome gift in their hotel room! Or host a complimentary welcome reception to give everyone a chance to meet other guests before the big day.  Just something to show that you appreciate their effort in travelling all that way.

Desination Wedding Tips: Remember that your guests have to travel!

4 – Give as Much Information to Guests as Early as Possible

Try to give your guests as much notice as possible when planning a destination wedding.. Remember that some of them may need to save up money to travel or  might need to take extra time from work and their regular commitments. By giving them plenty of notice, you’ll be sure that your loved ones are there for you on your big day.

5 – Choose Somewhere Accessible

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular meaning more people will opt to attend, especially if it is a place that they can reach easily.   Bear this in mind when making your initial decision. If you want most of your guests to be there, don’t pick a place too remote.

6 – Plan Some Activities For Your Guests

During your time at your destination, why not try and bring everyone together with some activities? You could organize a group excursion to a place of local interest, or a day down at the beach together, with water-sports, drinks and snacks. Pulling everyone together is a great way to create wonderful memories for everyone.

7 – Make Peace With The Fact That it Won’t be 100% Perfect

While we hope your day goes without a hitch, you do need to make peace with the fact that there is alway the possibility that something could go wrong.  Try not to fret and just embrace it!. Unless the entire destination closes because of a hurricane or something else equally as drastic, your wedding will continue and it will be as amazing as you hoped.  Speaking from experience, I can assure you it will be ok.

8 – Check Ahead For Public Holidays

It’s not a good idea to have your wedding on a public holiday in that location, or a weekend for that matter. This can mean a huge influx of people and higher rates for hotels and accommodations.  If your destination is far busier than normal, it could impact on the peace and serenity of your big day. Don’t forget to research ahead of time.

9 – Book a Block Area For Your Guests to Stay

It’s always helpful and much appreciated if you are able to set up room blocks for your guests.  This helps alleviate any stress for people traveling outside their comfort zones as well as esure they are staying at the correct place.  It also assists in keeping everyone together, and it’s far easier for everyone to be at the right place at the right time as a result. Less stress for you, and a better time for them also!

These are just 9 of the infinite number of helpful hints to help your wonderful destination wedding run smoothly.

Whether you get married at an ancient castle or on a tropical beach, your wedding will be something you’ll always remember.

Planning ahead is key and always back everything up and double check details and don’t be afraid to hire help! It’s definitely one sure way to cut stress and make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Happy Planning!