Jillian Rose

Jillian Rose

15 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

It’s your wedding!  One of the happiest and most memorable days of your life, so it stands to reason that you want to capture your memories in the best possible way. Choosing a wedding photographer is a huge decision.  You definitely want to hire a professional but also need to consider costs.

Most likely, you will need to interview several photographers to find the perfect fit.  This can be a very overwhelming process so it might help to have a list of questions prepared.  So, what should you ask them? Here are 15 questions I came up with based off what my past clients asked me when doing their search for the perfect wedding photographer.

These are essential Questions to Ask Wedding Photographer

1 – How would you describe your photography style?

No two photographers are the same so you will need to identify the style you most connect with.  Some photographers are more classic and formal with “posed” images while others are documentary and focus on capturing candid moments with minimal direction.  Some shoot film with a “light and airy” feel while others shoot digital and have a more “moody” feel. There is so much to consider!

2 – Do you have any extra fees for traveling?

If you’re having a destination wedding, it might be that your photographer needs to travel a fair distance. In that case, are they happy to do so, and will it increase the price a huge amount?   Find out if there are any hidden costs for weddings outside of the photographers home base.

3 – Have You Photographed a Wedding Similar to This One Before?

A wedding is not just a wedding! There is no generic ceremony or after-party, so you need to be sure that the photographer you choose has experience shooting a similar type of wedding. This will help you understand if your visions align.   You will also want to be sure they are aware of any special cultural traditions that will be included on the wedding day.

4 – How Many Weddings Have You Photographed?

This is a great question to know the skill and experience level of the photographers you are talking to.  Don’t ask for a number of years, because they could have had just three weddings per year vs. 30 weddings per year.   It can make a significant difference especially when it comes to being able to handle unexpected circumstances on the wedding day.

5 – How Long Have You Worked as a Wedding Photographer Solely?

Much like myself when I first started my photography business, some photographers are still holding a full-time job on top of photographing weddings.  For some of my clients, it was important that I was solely a full-time photographer.

6 – Does Your Photographer Take on Multiple Events?

Personally, this is something I really try to avoid as I want to provide the best possible experience for each couple.  Weddings are long, stressful days and to do two days in a row can be quite tiring.

7 – Will You Provide a Contract?

A professional wedding photographer will give you a contract and that will outline exactly what you’re getting within the package.  It not only protects all parties but also avoids any confusion on what to expect should an event get canceled or your photographer unexpectedly becomes ill.

8 – Do You Have Cover in The Event of Illness/Unforeseen Circumstances?

What if your photographer falls sick that morning? Do they have a partner they work with in case of such situations?  Make sure you get all the details on their coverage policy.

The questions to ask wedding photographer allow you to make the important decision!

9 – Are You Insured?

If you hired a professional photographer you can bet they most likely have insurance. This covers their equipment and also any situations that might arise and cause them not to be able to work. If they don’t have insurance, it’s easy to get so be sure to require it.

10 – Do You Have an Assistant?

If you have a large wedding planned, you should try and look for a photographer who works with an assistant. A photographer can’t be everywhere at once, and having another person there means you’ll get more interesting and quality photos. Your photographer only has one pair of hands, remember!

11 – Do You Offer Post-Production Services?

If you want to get the best shots, you’ll want a package which allows for post-production. This means you’re getting slight imperfections tweaked and you’re getting the best images for your cash. Of course, you won’t want huge changes, but imperfections such as odd lighting can easily be ironed out.

12 – Do You Offer Color Correction?

This is another extra you need to know about, in order to ensure that your pictures are consistent and not going to be affected by odd lighting or other strange anomalies. Also ask if they will color correct every photo, or just a few. You need someone who is going to be consistent and do them all.

It’s possible that something might happen or the wedding runs over, and in that case you want to be sure that your photographer will stay until the end and not leave upon their allotted time. You should ask if they charge extra in this case, and how much.

13 – Do You Charge Extra if The Wedding Runs Over?

It’s possible that something might happen or the wedding runs over, and in that case you want to be sure that your photographer will stay until the end and not leave upon their allotted time. You should ask if they charge extra in this case, and how much.

14 – What Equipment Do You Use For Wedding Photography?

It’s important to know this, even if it doesn’t mean too much to you. This means you can get a basic idea and then compare it to what your potential photographers tell you. Quality equipment means a quality photographer. You should also ask if they have backup equipment in case of an issue or breakage.

15 – How Long Will it Take For The First Round of Proof Photographs to be Ready?

Depending upon how busy your photographer is, depends on how quickly you’ll get your photographs back. This also depends upon the type of post-production they are going to do. A general rule of thumb is between 2-6 weeks.

Knowing what questions to ask your wedding photographer are essential to achieving your dream photos.

These are 15 questions you should certainly ask every single wedding photographer you’re thinking of hiring. By doing this, you can compare answers and work out who is going to be the best option for you.

Remember, you’ll always have memories of your special day, but you’ll want visual reminders, especially to show future family members too. The best quality photos are therefore vital and you can only get these by choosing the right wedding photographer for your needs.

Have any specific questions about your special day? Make sure to comment down below or click here to contact me privately.